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Twin video still

Still from Twin

Videola still

Videola still

Videola stills: S. Klein
Video projects:
  • Music to accompany Dawn McMahan's Solo Dance performance: Portrait by means of the sun, 2008 & 2010
    21 Grand, Soma Arts and Bare Bones Butoh
    DS: guitar and Greg Scharpen: electronics.

  • (bathtub)
    Berkeley City Club, 2000
    DS: Text / narration, with music by Greg Scharpen

  • Terry Riley, Edge Festival
    A Rainbow in Curved Air Revisited, Live performance, Hertz Hall, 2003
    Created video to accompany performance by Terry Riley

  • Experiments in Television exhibit
    Berkeley Art Museum, 2000
    Made video to be played in the kaleidoscopic Videola projection system, and live music performance featuring David Kwan and DS.

  • Argumentum Ornithologicum: 21 Grand etc.
    A video based upon the JL Borges story

  • Twin
    "Television through a glass darkly," is how Dean Santomieri's Twin, has been described. Television reaching out to the so-called real world and the real world weaving itself back into the fabric of fiction. Our narrator finds himself acting as the "screen" in a vicarious projection of David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Once in the real world this twinning exhibits the properties of a living thing and spreads its influence into the world with disturbing consequences. 1991.
    Screened locally (ATA, Roxie, Red Vic) and in festivals around the world, 1991-1993.