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Facebook, the Opera
Releases (CD):

2013: Facebook, the Opera, Royce Gallery, and Berkeley Arts.
A thirteen-minute opera following the organizing structure of social media, addressing the issues of privacy and alienation, with humor and pathos. Concert patron: "Robert Ashley meets Stephen Sondheim!"
With vocalists: Leann Petersen and Ben Clausen. DS: voice and piano.

Facebook, the Opera is available for purchase, please contact:
$7 which includes domestic US shipping.
International orders, please email for additional shipping cost.

The Boy Beneath the Sea

2001: The Boy Beneath The Sea (The Foundry) CD album
The Boy Beneath the Sea weaves together tidal music and spoken word to create an effecting 40 minute immersive environment. The story of a boy who leaves his home to live under the sea is unique and yet somehow familiar, like a book remembered from childhood.
Further information and purchase via Bandcamp
Crude Rotations

2000: Crude Rotations (Archipelago/The Foundry) 3"CD
Musique concrete dim-sum served in a distant city.
Further information and purchase via Bandcamp